Posted by: freesystem | March 1, 2008

11 things missing from Plasma in KDE 4

Plasma Logo

Here are the 11 most important things that I think are missing from KDE4: Plasma.

  1. Ability to open other widget formats: It would be really nice if I could use Apple Dashboard widgets within Plasma, at least until the community can develop some more Plasmoids.
  2. Calculator Plasmoid: Seriously, what kind of Widget suite doesn’t have one!      EDIT: I have been told in the comments that you can find one here.
  3. Unit Converter Plasmoid: Same as the calculator, its a necessity.
  4. Weather Plasmoid: Same as the last two, it should be included by default.
  5. Ability to embed useful information(Terminal Output, Weather, Email, etc) directly on to the desktop: A great way to seamlessly embed small bits of information into the desktop without taking up extra space with the Plasmoid border and such. Should work similar to Conky, but have a GUI so the average person could configure and use it.
  6. Terminal Plasmoid: Have I mentioned yet how much I use terminal? It would be great to have a terminal Plasmoid, though I would still probably use Yakuake more often.
  7. Web Browser Plasmoid: Be able to operate in two modes. A set it and forget it so you can set it to a part of a page and it will automatically update every minute, half hour, hour day, month… Other mode would allow for full browsing with forward and backward buttons and a address bar
  8. RSS Plasmoid: Should also bee included by default
  9. Marble(Maps) Plasmoid: Could be useful in some situations. Would allow you to either see in satellite mode, or street mode, and also get directions.
  10. More Tomboy like Sticky Notes: The sticky note Plasmoid included with extragear-plasma is great, but it would be wonderful is there was a Plasmoid like Tomboy notes from Gnome.
  11. Klipper Plasmoid: Would further polish the integration of KDE


  1. 1. Is being worked on – today’s upcoming Commit Digest *might* have a screencast of it in action. See e.g.

    Superkaramba widgets are also supported.

    2. Already exists:

    3. Yep – can’t find one of these, yet 🙂

    4. Shawn Starr is working on the backend. The Liquid Weather guy recently announced that he would like to port Liquid Weather to Plasma, but this is not 100% guaranteed to happen. Liquid Weather should run under Plasma, anyway.

    5. A bit vague. Writing a Plasmoid to do any of these things should be very easy, but I’m not sure precisely what you want here – do you want a Plasmoid that does *all* of these things? Do you want an embedded e-mail client, or just a “biff” Plasmoid that shows how many unread e-mails you have? Etc

    6. I believe Widgets On Canvas (in the upcoming Qt 4.4 and already in KDEs SVN, although Plasma is still in the process of being ported to take advantage of it) coupled with KParts *should* make it possible to embed Konsole into the desktop.

    7. Qt4.4 contains Webkit (the basis of the OS X Dashboard widget support), so this should be fairly easy to implement.

    8. I was certain that an RSS reader already existed, but apparently you are right! An RSS data-engine already exists, though, so this would be easy to write.

    9. Yep, this would be great! Widgets on Canvas should make this relatively easy to implement.

    10. Yes, this would be great. I’d really like to see a basKet Plasmoid at some point.

    11. This would also be good.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am glad I am finally getting readers:)

    In reply to your question on number six, you could do either of those things. Python is a wonderful scripting language, and the ability to write plug ins in it would make it so you could have it say how many new emails you have, or list them all. I do not think it would be interactive at all, purely an information display.

    Thanks for the link on the calculator, I had no idea.

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