Posted by: freesystem | February 29, 2008

Adobe AIR for Linux!

Adobe AIR Logo

Mozilla Prism

Adobe AIR, for those of you that have not heard of it is an RIA(Rich Internet Application) that will bring the convenience of the internet(transparent updates, instant file syncing) and combine it with the advantages of the desktop(access to file systems, faster). They have version 1.0 released for Windows and Mac OS X. Just recently they announced a version coming for Linux, which is supposedly in closed alpha right now. This does sound like a really great idea, because not only would you have perfect cross platform apps, but there are just so many advantages to a system like this. Personally though, I am leaning towards Mozilla’s Prism, which is doing similar things, but is has several key differences:

  • It supports all operating systems
  • Its free(as in freedom)

As you probably know by now I favor any free software. So, you can check them out at the following URls:

Adobe AIR

Mozilla Prism


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