Posted by: freesystem | February 23, 2008

Hello, World!

Hello everyone. I am going to clarify a few things first about this weblog, and me in general:

  1. Free as in freedom, not price.
  2. Hacker as in builder, not person that gains access to unauthorized systems. For that try cracker.
  3. I don’t even care what Micro$oft is doing by now, because I know its probably not worth my time and GNU/Linux will always be better.

So, I am a generic hacker. I have done a lit of stuff with Robotics(Mainly on the AVR core, some on the ARM), and I am getting into some embedded stuff, all with GNU/Linux. Specifically Embedded Computing(Handheld Computing, Panel Computing, and any other form of small computers) with ARM processors. I hope to do some stuff with the AMD Geode series in a few years. Looking at the software side of things I run all free(free as in freedom!) software except Eagle and Skype, simply because there is nothing better. Eagle is an awsome program for all schematic needs, and the free(this time I mean price) version provides enough functionality for me. As of now I have not done that much development on the Linux Kernel, but I do hope to get started with that in the future. On the programming side of things I know Python and C very well. I have some basic knowledge in AJAX, PHP and BASH(If you can call that a language). For all embedded work(and kernel hacking) I use C, and everything for userland(apps, hacks, scripts) is in python. C is a pretty horrible language compared to Python, so if your just getting started with programming I would HIGHLY recommend Python.

So, by now you are probably wondering what I will be posting about. Well, here it goes:

  • General Tech news, mostly relating to GNU/Linux. I really don’t care about any other system(Except other free ones, like Hurd) so don’t exspect to see much Windoze or Mac OS X news
  • Stuff Im working on, complete with schematics and code
  • Tutorials I have written on anything ranging from improving GCC to building your own cell phone
  • Ideas I have to make a better whatever
  • And other general rantings about whatever

Also, just to know a little more about me, I used Mac OS X from version 8.6(Not current at the time though:^) to 10.4.10. Between there I ran Windows XP for a few years(And hated every second of it). Finally, in March 2007 I made the switch to Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I got more hooked on free software and community ideology, so am now running a 99.9% free computing environment. I am compiling my own distro, actually as I blog this, and hope that I can exclude all non-free drivers and codecs from my system.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you return soon.



  1. First!
    Anyway, hello Alex. Might I suggest changing the colors of your blog? Light blue is nice, but it would benefit from a new color scheme.

  2. This better?

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